Frequently Asked Questions

Look below for answers to commonly asked questions. 
Are cookies required to view video?
We may also use cookies (small information files stored locally on your own computer) to enhance your browsing experience. Most web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) can be set to accept, reject, or warn you before downloading cookies. See your browsers help facility for advice on how to change this setting.

The video playback is jerky?
You may need to refresh or restart your web browser or your bandwidth connection might not be fast enough to play the video in a smooth stream.
I cannot hear any audio?
Please ensure that you have a sound card and speakers installed on your computer and that both software and hardware volume controls are turned up.
I cannot view any video content?
You will need Adobe Flash installed on your computer to view the video content on this site.
I have Adobe Flash installed but I cannot view any video?
You might not have access rights to play video on your machine. Ask a system administrator to log on to your computer and briefly view the video or enable video playback on your machine. This should permanently enable the video. Alternatively, try installing the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Where do I download Flash?

Click here to download Flash.