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About WebsEdge

WebsEdge is a provider of web-based channels for private and public organisations across Europe and America.  The company helps organisations to increase their communications reach by delivering content through low-cost web-based TV channels.  

In developing these bespoke channels, WebsEdge enables clients to deliver professional television programming content to a potentially worldwide audience of broadband internet users. WebsEdge also works with clients to create broadcast-quality web-based TV programs tailored to specific sectors, organisations and audiences.
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Conference TV

Education Expo TV is produced by WebsEdge whose other flagship channels include Global Health TV, Education Now! and ICMA TV.

WebsEdge produces television programmes for many leading international conferences and exhibitions.

Capturing news, interviews and speech highlights from the event and then broadcasting these bespoke branded films on plasma screens around the venue, and even in delegate's hotel bedrooms! If you've attended any local government conferences recently then chances are you've already come across us. We may have approached you with a camera and asked you to give us your thoughts on conference themes or keynote speeches, which we would have put into the next day's conference TV programme.

WebsEdge also produces films for many other key UK and international conferences, such as TUC conferences, the international Global Health Conference, and AoC events throughout the year. Our expertise in global online broadcasting means we can also create a bespoke online resource to broadcast your films, which means they are not just limited to the conference, but can be communicated to a worldwide audience.

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